Hoteles Bonanza


Sustainable hotel. Committed to society.

At Olivia Hotels, we are committed to society, the environment and sustainability, and we prove this through our day-to-day activities and the projects we support.

We have participated in the “Barcelona Hotels Family Leisure” campaign, a project promoted by the Gremi d’Hotels de Barcelona, Barcelona Fòrum District, the Fundació Trinijove and the Fundació Bancària ”La Caixa”’s “CaixaProinfància” programme. We have also cooperated in development, healthcare and equality projects in Senegal together with the Guné Foundation.

All the projects we have participated in or cooperated with involve us with local and global issues alike. Through them, we aim to give back to society a part of everything it has given to us. We like to share these projects with our guests and staff and encourage them to participate too.

Hoteles Bonanza

We are the first hotel in Barcelona to receive an “A” energy certification.

Olivia Balmes Hotel is an urban modern hotel, designed and built to please even the most demanding guests. That is why we have dropped our power consumption by 54% and our CO2 emissions by 61.4% compared to the conventional model, and that is why we have become the first four-star superior hotel to receive the “A” Energy Efficiency Certification.

These are some of the measures we have implemented to reduce our energy footprint:

  • Installing 220 m2 of solar panels, which provide 70% of the energy needed to produce domestic hot water.
  • Installing 6,000 linear metres of LED lights.
  • Treating and reusing our grey water to supply the toilet tanks.
  • Improving thermal insulation by installing double-glazed windows with a carpentry thickness of 7.5 cm and that are filled with argon gas.
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles. We support healthy traffic!
  • Offering sustainable amenities in biodegradable plastic packages and 100% recycled paper, as well as cosmetic products made with organic products and natural extracts.

Our initiative earned us a special mention in the “best sustainable urban hotel” category of the Rethink Hotel competition.

Hoteles Bonanza

Located on Balmes 115-117, Olivia Balmes Hotel is the first hotel in the city of Barcelona (C2 climate zone) to receive the “A” energy certification. Its registration number is A5876815101429812F0 and the certificate was issued on 22-11-2014.